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sung by Jon Kolden

Standing There Upon The Stage

Standing there upon the stage,
Dressed in black from head to toe.
No one is breathing in the house,
As his voice begins to flow.

A song we've heard so many times,
By artists far and wide.
But his version is the best,
And we listen with such pride.

His heart and soul goes into it,
We listen with such care.
Unchained Melody falls from his lips,
As we just sit and stare.

The song is done, he starts to grin,
He knows that we are hooked.
He takes a bow with out stretched hands,
And then he thanks his band.

Jackie Wilson-Geary

This song was written for and dedicated to Ronnie McDowell.

Thank you, Jackie Wilson-Geary for writing it
Thank you, Jon Kolden, for singing it.

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