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The Paula Jones Quiz:

Answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Find out if you are Presidential Material.

1 How many beers would it take to make her look good?

2 Would you have the nerve to ask her to wear a bag?

3 Would you admit to any of your friends that you took her out?

4 Could you look at her without thinking that if you had her nose full of nickles, you'd be rich?

5 If you were stranded on a remote desert island with her, you wouldn't start swimming for home.

6 Could you look at her without thinking that perhaps the elephant man had a sister?

7 Do you feel that she has a nice personality and is a lot of fun?

8 Have you ever checked into a rehab center upon waking up beside her?

9 You don't believe that Ray Charles said that she even feels ugly.

10 After looking at her, the celibacy option looks better than she does.